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    IQOS Originals One

    Buy IQOS Originals One in Dubai UAE. Find the best deals and selection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah. Order now for fast delivery!

    Step into the Future of Heated Tobacco with the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE Kit

    The IQOS ORIGINALS ONE promises a modern and sleek experience for tobacco lovers in Dubai and across the UAE. This all-in-one device seamlessly combines elegance with functionality for those cherished on-the-go moments.

    Discover Compact Vaping with IQOS ORIGINALS ONE: Stylish and Intuitive

    Stylish and Compact

    A marriage of style and convenience, the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE showcases a lightweight design in vibrant shades like Turquoise, Scarlet, Silver, and Slate.

    Superior Experience, Every Time

    Charge once and enjoy up to 20 distinct tobacco moments. With the capacity for 3 consecutive uses on a single charge, uninterrupted satisfaction is at your fingertips.

    Custom Protection

    The IQOS ORIGINALS ONE understands your need for personalization. Protect and flaunt your device with an exquisite silicone sleeve, combining style with durability.

    The Finest Tobacco: HEETS Sticks

    Crafted from the choicest tobacco leaves, HEETS sticks redefine the very essence of tobacco satisfaction, offering a superior vaping experience.

    Available in four Vibrant Colors

    Turquoise, Scarlet, Silver, Slate


    What is the design of the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE?

    The IQOS ORIGINALS ONE boasts a sleek, modern, and lightweight design available in four vibrant colors.

    How many uses can I get on a single charge of the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE?

    The IQOS ORIGINALS ONE provides up to 20 experiences on one full charge, including 3 consecutive uses.

    Are there any accessories to personalize the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE?

    Yes, you can personalize your device with a stylish silicone sleeve for added protection.

    What are HEETS sticks?

    HEETS are a cutting-edge tobacco experience made from high-quality tobacco leaves, offering authentic tobacco satisfaction.

    What's included in the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE Kit?

    The kit includes the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE Device and a USB-C Cable for charging.

    What are the dimensions of the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE Holder?

    The holder measures 123.5 mm in height, 30.6 mm in width, has a diameter of 16.6 mm, and weighs 70g.

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